Chris Eppstein – Lightning Fast SASS #fronteers15

SASS well received although it is built in Ruby. But it is slow and no-one uses it for something else, also it loses to nodejs. libSass developed, a C/C++ port of Sass engine but not with all features. Most other languages can use the libSass binaries. Big bet on ... read more

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Webkrauts!

Am 20.08.2015 sind die Webkrauts, der lose Verbund von Webentwicklern, 10 Jahre alt geworden. Jens Grochtdreis feiert mit einem Rückblick im Webkrauts-eigenen Blog. Damals waren Tabellenlayouts noch normal, heute haben wir überladene CSS-Frameworks. Webseiten haben heutzutage riesige Bilder während es 2005 noch ein Sakrileg war wenn eine Seite breiter als 800px war... read more

100% Tappable

Aaron Gustafson on a common design issue: Buttons and links that can’t be clicked everywhere where the visual click area seems to be. In addition, remember that buttons or links need to be activated using the keyboard which means that <a> elements need to have a href at... read more

Youth Sins

Back when I was little, I participated in a traditional German dance club at school. The blue arrow points at me :-) Source: 850 Years of Leimen/Pfalz (PDF) read more

This year’s vacation wrap-up

The weather was not our best friend during this year’s vacation, but we didn’t let that spoil it. For the first time, I took three weeks off, without work availability. My state before vacation was what Germans call “Urlaubsreif”, literally “ripe for vacation”. I needed to recharge my batteries, a... read more

Web fonts: Use only WOFF & WOFF2 formats

WOFF is an acronym for “Web Open Font Format 1.0”, a web standard that was introduced in December 2012. There is a version 2.0 of the same format in the works, currently published as a working draft. In comparison with traditional font formats like TTF or OTF, they provide better compression while keeping a lo... read more

Apple Watch and the Web

On Monday, my wait for the Apple Watch was over and a shiny “space black” Apple Watch Sport arrived at my doorstep. It is an incredibly interesting device with a lot of limitations – but those are expected from a 1st generation device. One factor limits my use of the watch greatl... read more

Facebook Instant Articles

I am really worried about Facebook’s new Instant Articles feature… Not only does it bring web content into a private, proprietary silo, without URLs or any other possibilities to link to them apart from Facebook, but they also don’t seem to work on the iPhone with VoiceOver at all. W... read more

Speaking at AccessU Summit

While being in Austin for AccesU in May, the AccessU Summit takes place online. I will speak about “Web Accessibility Essentials Using WAI-ARIA and HTML5”, a short version of the course I give in person in Austin the day before. Other speakers include John Foliot, Henny Swan and Christopher Schmitt. Tick... read more

Lecturing Content Strategy Students

Since the last weekend, I am honored to be one of the lecturers in the master course “Content Strategy” at the FH Joanneum, a University of Applied Science, in Graz, Austria. The materials are available at and are freely available. In the last few lectures I only cove... read more

(Not) Attending IndieWebCamp Germany 2015

Unfortunately, due to the train strike it isn’t feasible to attend the camp. _sadface_On May 9th, I’ll attend the IndieWebCamp Germany in Düsseldorf. It is part of the beyond tellerrand week which I will miss as I am leaving for Austin on May 10th. That means also ... read more


I’m really looking forward to attending and speaking at Knowbility’s John Slatin AccessU conference in May! I will do two classes (1.5h sessions) on the following topics: Web Accessibility Essentials using WAI-ARIA and HTML5 and A Case Study for Responsive Web Design: Web Accessibility Tutorials. Hope to see you ... read more


Back in the day, there were a lot of CSS Galleries. Most have been relatively uninteresting, but CSSMania and Stylegala stood out. While the former is still going strong (yes, I’m equally surprised), the latter faded away at some time and is now a 403 error. I still find me ty... read more

Primary buttons

Intentionally provocative statement: If a “primary button” is an emphasized button, could/should we use <em><button>Primary</button></em> instead of <button class="primary">Primary</button>? read more

Type Safari with James Victore

If you ever wondered how people with a sense of design see the world, see James Victore in this video: If you like to see more of James, I can recommend his talk from Beyond Tellerrand 2013: “Your work is a gift” read more