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Keyboard Access

Many people cannot use pointer devices (mice, trackpads) or touch input to navigate the web. They usually use the keyboard.

Why Is This Important?

Users with mobility impairments use the keyboard to navigate around the page and activate links and other interactive elements.

Checking for Basic WCAG Requirements

This requirement is met when all interactive elements that are available with a pointing device or touch input are reachable for keyboard users and those users can interact with all reached user interface elements. (This can require the use of the arrow keys, for example in tabbed interfaces.)

Keyboard Testing on macOS

For historic reasons, keyboard access needs to be enabled in the system preferences. Navigate to System PreferencesKeyboardShortcuts and check the box Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls.

If you test in Safari, open its preferences (command ⌘ + ,), navigate to the Advanced tab and check the Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage option.

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