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Video cannot be perceived by people who are blind or have low vision. In addition deaf and hard of hearing people cannot understand the audio content of the videos.

That means that similar to Alternative Text for images, an alternative for the video is available. Captions can be a good alternative for people who are unable to hear the audio. Audio Descriptions provide purely visual information to people unable to see the content.

Why Is This Important?

Deaf and hard of hearing people cannot listen to important information that is provided as audio or have a hard time processing it.

Checking for Basic WCAG Requirements

  1. If video content exists and it has audio, is a transcript or are captions available?
  2. If the video has visually conveyed only content, is an audio description available for users?
  3. Otherwise, is the video content equivalent to content that is available as text on the page?

If all checks are true, the video conforms to the WCAG basic requirements.

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