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Is this thing still on?

Let’s wipe some dust off this old blog, shall we? There’s a lot to do, including accessibility fixes, but sometimes you just have to start somewhere. read more

My #ID24 talk

On Friday, I was invited to talk at #ID24 about WAI-ARIA, with a special focus on the ramifications of bad ARIA. You can view the slides or watch the video . read more

Speaking at Inclusive Design 24 #ID24

I am thrilled to be speaking at the annual Inclusive Design 24 event on June 9th. At 5 am UTC time (that is 7 am CEST), I’ll speak about my growing frustrations of ARIA implementations in the wild. The talk is called “ARIA Serious.” Check the event website for a schedule in your time zone and to see t … read more

Web Accessibility Tutorials updated

As many of you might know, I have been the primary editor of the W3C WAI Web Accessibility Tutorials which provide practical guidance on how to implement web accessibility. A few days ago, the Education and Outreach Working Group and I were able to publish a major update. We added three new … read more

Teaching at AccessU 2017

Next month I will continue the tradition of flying over to Austin, TX, USA to attend the annual AccessU conference and teach some classes. Organized by Knowbility , the conference is a gathering of brilliant minds around accessibility and is an excellent opportunity to broaden your accessibility … read more


Great video over at the Google Chrome Developers channel about the upcoming CSS Level 4 :focus-ring selector (draft) . The focus is often removed for stylistic reasons when using the mouse, but then keyboard users also have no indication of where they are on the website. :focus-ring solves that … read more

My personal review of the 2016 MacBook Pro

In 2006 I got my first Mac ever, the 2006 Apple MacBook “Core Duo” 1.83 13” . After owning a humongous Acer 15” Laptop in the previous years, the experience of owning this computer was something from another world. Since 2013 I owned a 13” MacBook Air with 8GB RAM and an 1.7GHz Intel Core i7 processor … read more


Over the last year, the name of a city is coming up in German news more often than I like it to be: Aleppo. It is not just a city involved in the war in Syria, it is the scene of a standoff that is lasting for months. This city, the mention of its name on the news, the descriptions of the cruelty … read more

Speaking at… Accessing Higher Ground

I’m happy to announce here that I will be speaking at Accessing Higher Ground in November, representing Knowbility . The conference is in Westminster, Colorado and coins itself as an “Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference”. I will do two three-hour long workshops: Advanced Accessibility: A Dee … read more