A New Start

Here we are, yatil.net is live. It is the successor of yatil.de – my long lasting German blog. This publication will be English only. I want to share links and articles with you, getting into the details of web design and web development. My main objectives at the moment are responsive web design (ORLY) and the nitty gritty of HTML5 and CSS3. Accessibility is a main concern to me, so it will find its place here, too. Technical details: the CMS is Textpattern, the layout and design is based on “320 and up” by @malarkey based on the genius HTML5boilerplate.com. Statistics are collected by Gauges. As you can see there are no comments enabled on this site. I want to keep it very clean here, and we got so many social back channels, so hit me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ if you like to comment on an article. If you’re really old school, just write me an e-mailDon’t forget to get the Feed!

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