Taking the red pill

[In the film Matrix,] Morpheus alludes to the fact that the reality that Neo is accustomed to is a lie and that Morpheus can show him the truth. He is asked to make a choice between two pills, red and blue. The blue pill will cause him to “wake up in [his] bed and believe whatever [he] want[s] to believe.” He is told that if he takes the red pill, however, he will “stay in Wonderland” and Morpheus will “show [him] how deep the rabbit hole goes,” an allusion to Alice in Wonderland. Neo chooses the red pill and is shown the true nature of the Matrix; a detailed simulation of Earth circa 1999, which keeps the inhabitants, whose physical bodies are stored in massive power plants, complacent in a mental prison, in order to convert their heat and bioelectrical energy into power for machine consumption.
Source: Wikipedia

Since becoming a vegan, I feel like Neo in Matrix (you know, that single movie which thankfully had no sequels). All of a sudden you get a totally different view of the world you live in. I think more about the environment I live in, and how my own actions affect it. Much has to do with me getting more healthy, alert and fit. I just have more time to think about those things; to care about what I do. And to act more responsibly.

I lost about 10 kilos in 6 weeks, and I want to continue that path to get to an even healthier body. I got less skin irritation problems, do sleep well again, stopped snoring most of the time and can walk faster and longer. It really changed me. But for most people veganism isn’t about themselves. They do it to save the environment, for example meat production is responsible for more greenhouse gases than cars. And trains. And aircrafts. Together.

And it takes a lot of water to produce meat, in fact everyone could leave their shower running 24/7, 365 days a year, if they wouldn’t eat meat.

Those facts are not new, and everyone caring about our environment should at least reduce their meat intake. But there are other facts that I am seeing now, having swallowed the “red pill”. Like the violence going on in slaughter houses and milk farms. It’s easy to wash this away when you’re a meat eater, because you don’t want to be guilty of this.

But the violence is there. We all know what’s going on in those farms – and organic farms are not that better. Now here’s my invitation to you, to take the red pill or to take the blue one. I won’t judge your decision, but decide after you informed yourself properly. I got two videos for you. First „A Life Connected“ which nicely shows the environmental benefits you get from being vegan.

And if you’re still here after this video, watch this one: „Melanie Joy – Carnism: The Psychology of Eating Meat“ which nicely shows why people chose to eat some animals and not others and how the meat industry abstracts those animals from us. (Note: The second video contains graphics of violence against animals. The speaker, Melanie Joy, warns beforehand.)

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