Relaunch 2014

Everything’s shiny and new around here! And it’s not just a visual refresh, the technology here is all new. I’ve switched from my beloved Textpattern CMS to Wordpress. I didn’t expect that to happen, but it allows me to create content for this English and the German website at yatil.de from the same backend. Also the Website is indiewebified thanks to the tremendous work of Matthias Pfefferle. He created the Sempress theme and various nifty Wordpress plugins. With Textpattern I would have developed most functionality myself and I don’t think that I would have found the time to do it. The transition was painlessful. For example I had to go through each and every post and remove excerpts that were created automatically. Also there were no featured images carried over from Textpattern, so I had to assign them manually as well. That has been quite a bit of work for articles reaching back to 2004. I tried to catch everything, but there may be some rough edges around here. Main objective of the transition was to post stuff more efficiently, the wide-spread integration and tools available for Wordpress really help there. Please keep the webmentions coming, so I can be sure everything works.

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