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Germany 2014

(The image shows PEGIDA protesters, PEGIDA = “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident”. CC-BY-NC Caruso Pinguin on Flickr.) I am really worried about the nationalist tendencies in Germany (German) these days. I wonder how blind people can be, not realising that their protests increase the gap between cultures instead of closing it to make integration as easy as possible. Everything that is not “German” is deemed bad for this country. (And what is “German” anyway? We used to be part of the Holy Roman Empire! – Shall we get back to Germanic/Teutonic clans to find out what our culture is? That would be absurd, culture is defined by the influence it got until now.) Additionally people from other countries that work and live here don’t cost us money, instead they gather a 22 Billion Euro (German) surplus: Every foreigner – on average – pays 3.300 Euros more on tax and social contributions than they get from social benefits per year. On the other side there are people searching for asylum that don’t get offered basic care and food appropriate for children and no proper integration possibilities. They live in containers for months to wait for their asylum to be approved. They have no right to work, even if they could or wanted to. Foreigners often get work in Germany that is way below their qualifications. I rode taxis where the drivers studied architecture, medicine and even computer science but couldn’t find work in that field. To live happily together and embrace the diversity of cultures, we need to go on the streets to support people that want to live here. We won’t win anything but fear, hate and racism if we want to turn back the clocks to the “good” old teutonic times.

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