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Remy Sharp – The Art of Debugging #fronteers15

  • Personal debugging workflow
  • Don’t Write Bugs!
  • Although…
  • the opposite is true
  • the artifact of writing software is fixing bugs
  • gives you experience
  • no silver bullet to debugging
  • you need to pick and chose the right tools
  • debugging helps you to identify issues earlier
  • Disclaimer 1: Frameworks?
    • Don’t have a project that required frameworks.
    • Tools I use are not for frameworks
    • For react: It brings it own debugging tool, because it has to as it is so abstract.
  • Disclaimer 2: I rarely do x-browser testing
    • Current work is not requiring it, mostly doing JavaScript
  • The art of debugging (says wikipedia)
  • The parts to debugging
    1. Replicate
      • Hardest and most important part
      • Bug report: Saving doesn’t work.
      • I know saving works.
      • But it doesn’t work for them.
      • Wontfix is no solution.
      • Litmus-Test to see if it happens at the URL that the user is using.
      • Likely: Series of event happens to the bug
      • Debugging is the end of the process, it should have been caught in tests, right?!
      • Caching and browser add-ons mess with pages
    2. Isolate
      • Pair down to the simplest form where the bug occurs
    3. Eliminate
      • That makes fixing the bug much easier
  • But what is if you have a Heisenburg bug? (A bug that changes its shape while you’re debugging.)
  • Clean the environment as much as possible
  • State
    • All debugging comes out of state.
    • Two types: passive state
      • What happens?
      • Literally looking how the canvas was built
      • Memory history.
    • Interactive state
      • Fixing in the browser to not lose context
      • no back and forth to the editor and back
    • The stack
  • Two methods:
    • Inside out
      • When something changes and you have no idea where in the stack is the error introduced.
    • Outside in
      • You know where the bug is and you go in and edit the file.
  • You can import your local source in the Chrome devtools debugger and link it to the running files
  • Timeline mode is also useful to find performance bugs
  • DOM breakpoints allow you to stop the script when an element changes and shows the code snippet
  • Debug memory leaks with profiles. The memory should be on the level where it started. Snapshot help
  • Red background in profiles: Garbage collection didn’t work out right.
  • There is no silver bullet!

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