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Facebook music challenge: Buffy

“The idea is to fill Facebook with music, breaking the monotony of selfies and sensationalism. If you ‘like’ this post you will be assigned a letter for a musician, band, artist or song for you to post on your timeline with this text.”

I liked Sandra’s post a few days ago and she assigned the letter “B” to me. I don’t have a lot of music I like and even less music that starts with the letter B. However there is one episode of a TV series I have warm feelings for and that is music related: The musical episode of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”. It is called “Once more, with feeling” and I watched it first when it first aired in October 2002 in Germany. While the rest of the series was dubbed in German, they decided to broadcast the songs of the musical episode in English with German captions. All the actors sung their own parts, and there was also a lot of dancing going on, which made the episode stand out. Wikipedia has a nice section on why the episode is so special. In Germany, the episode is available on Amazon Prime*, but I don’t think that the episode is too fascinating without knowledge of the Buffy canon.

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