Speaking at Your Conference

If you want me to speak at your conference, there are usually ways to make it work.

Asking me to speak

Send me an email the subject [Speaking Opportunity] and include the following information:

Speaking Terms

I have 10+ years of speaking experience, and so I have a particular way to deliver my talks, and the audience usually appreciates that. To avoid misunderstandings, my talks:

Also, I’ll attend your event to mingle with attendees. Whenever possible, I try to be an active participant at your conference and answer questions of attendees. I’ll also promote my presence at your event in the leading up of your event and publish my slides afterward. If you release a video of the talk, I’ll promote that as well.

My Expectations

Some of this is negotiable, for example, I might be able to justify to do reimbursements for a small conference that happens near where I live.

Big No-Nos

There are a few things that make it impossible for me to speak at your event.

I’m aware that I don’t help diversity efforts. If you have the choice between me or someone representing a marginalized group, please pick them.

Other Things


Planes & Trains


(Inspired by Christian Heilmann’s So you want me to talk? page.)